Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles can I get using as a trucking dispatcher? does not fall under the catagory of a dispatcher. Our staff is more of a planner. Far as the miles go. We look more at weekly revenue than we do mile. Our ideal is to lower you cost and raise your revenue.

Why does charge by the week?

We charge by the week because it makes it more managable than percentage or mileage.

What is the difference between a trucker dispatch and a load planner?

Dispatchers are a person who works speedily—their job it to be quick and never about the revenue.The load planner's job is to streamline the load and coordinate all aspects of the cargo. Planners make sure they keep their equipment in the revenue lanes to keep the equipment more profitable.

How do my company get started with services.

To get started with You first need to become a site member. It is free to be a site member. Just go to login page and click set up. Once you get set up as a member than you can use the forms required to start a paid membership.

What are markets in trucking and how do they play a roll in my trucking business?

Market is everything when your playing the SPOT MARKET. If your a new carrier in the trucking industry and not very sure how the markets play a roll in your business. You need a load planner like You can also call us a -truck dispatcher-truck driver dispatcher-freight dispatch-independent freight dispatcher-truck dispatch services